Family Court Abuse

To see a glimpse into the failing of the Family Court system, watch the below video.

Family court judge Randal Minor forced the child in the video into an abusive situation instead of protecting her. Circuit Court judge Lawrance Miller affirmed giving custody to the man in the video, who had never lived with or taken care of the child or provided for the child. He had no relationship except for the child fearing him.  The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, all of whose members were impeached by the House of Delegates, affirmed the lower courts.  There were no exceptions.  Justice Margaret Workman, still sitting on the court, who portrays herself as the defender of women and children against abuse, signed on to forcing the child into the man in the video, NS.’s, unsupervised, out of state custody, while she was still a nursing baby.

For the back story and forward story of the video, keep in mind two things:

First, the child in the video is an outgoing, social, friendly and generally fearless little girl.  She has shown intense fear of only one person: the man in the video, N.S. Before she was old enough to walk or talk, she cried in terror at the sound of his voice, and tried to get away from him.  She has acted this way toward no other person.  Forced into N.S.’s presence and treated as she was in the video, she suffered emotionally and developmentally.

Second, had the scene in the video taken place in, say a crowded mall, instead of in a deserted parking lot, most likely some onlooker would have notified the police and CPS.  Children have been taken away from parents for less than what was done to the child in the video.

Is this case exceptional?  In some ways it is simply bizarre, as you will learn if you read on.  But it is not exceptional in that all these courts fail to protect children and often punish the protective, non-abusing parent.

These judges abuse children and parents in secret, behind closed doors. The secrecy supposedly protects the privacy of the parties. In truth, it only gives carte blanche to abusive judges, about whose actions the voters know nothing.  Their victims, abused and terrorized in court, end up too traumatized to speak out, and are defeated if they try to fight the court’s abuse.  A secret court like family court has no place in the judicial system of an open, democratic society.

Read on to find out what happens in secret courts.


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